Windsor motors Aviva Stadium November

Dublin City November 2018 Windsor Motors Clonee

Dublin City November 2018 – With the help of 4th Dimension, Windsor Motors Clonee, Co Meath showcased the sleek Nissan Qashqai, a car with an energetic exterior.

We loaded the Qashqai up on to the 4th Dimension Mobile Exhibition Space and drove to Blancherdstown stopping at some strategic points along Dublins busy streets. In its 360 degree display centre The Nissan Qashqai’s second window grabbed instant attention for the Windsor Motor group, turning many heads along the way.

This particular day we were working alongside photographer Rafal Kostrzewa to capture professional photographs of the showcase. Dublin City was buzzing with anticipation of the historic Ireland V New Zealand match, which saw Ireland run out winners in a game that will live long in the memory, as will our Windsor Motors display judging by the strong attention it received on the day.

On the streets surrounding the Aviva Stadium we stood back to let the showcase for Windosr Motors really begin. With the increased footfall, the Qashqai certainly got the attention it deserved. Unlike other forms of outdoor advertising that at, at best, people only give a glance toward, our display fully captivated men, women and children, stopping them dead in their tracks. The vast majority of passers-by stopped not only to get a good view but to strike up conversation and nine out of ten taking the time to snap a quick digital photo before moving on, it created smiles conversation and instant awareness of the Nissan Qashqui, and Windsor motors.

Day light gone and the match in full swing we lit the LED lights and hit the City centre. The product looked amazing at night, alongside our photographer Rafal Kostrezewa we parked up along a number of iconic and busy streets to begin the photo shoot, this captured a whole new audience. Again in our new locations people leaving bars and restaurants, joggers, cyclists, and even drivers stopped in droves to stare and engage with the display.

If you would like us to showcase your product or brand in the same way as we helped Windsor Motors showcase theirs we would be happy to hear from you. Get in touch today to find out more about how we can have you seen in all the right places.