About 4th dimension

Taking your brand to the streets!

The 4thDimension is a showroom on the Go!  A Pop-Up advertising opportunity, which is an eye-catching, glass walled, fully transparent rolling showroom.  Bring your campaign to life in this innovative mobile showcase.

If you already know who your customer is, together we will target them directly, by getting your message to the right place at the right time, just let us know where and when, and your message will be there.

4th Dimension Multipurpose Exhibition space allows you to create a luxury showcase for your brand guaranteed to engage audiences in locations of your choosing day or night.

Our Work

  • Our team will work closely with you in order to see your advertising campaign through successfully.
  • Our routes are determined for each client. We strategically drive and park where your buyers go.
  • Our service extends from pre-planning through to detailed design, backdrops, signage, street teams, competitions, Add campaigns and installation.
  • We bring insight an engaged mind set and the highest creative standards to our work.
  • You name the target and we become the driving force that gets your message in front of your potential buyers. We go after your target market for grand openings, product launches and special tours.


Why use The 4th Dimension mobile advertising display?

The delivery truck has long held a nostalgic place in advertising. Most of us can remember the delivery trucks from times gone by, and even today a well branded lorry is still an attention-grabbing advertising tool.

This is a unique and innovative advertising solution, The 4th Dimension are currently the only service provider for this mobile advertising format. More than just a mobile Billboard or digital screen, this is a mobile showroom or ‘showcase’ for your product.

Why Use 4th Dimension?


Be Seen, Turn Heads, Demand Attention

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