Mobile Advertising

Advertising is all about delivering the right message, to right customer, at the right time.  Together we can be as innovative or creative as you like, you provide the idea and we will present it for you, anywhere in Ireland.  We will help you bring your brand or promotion to where your target customer live, work and play.  Bring your product or promotion to the party, even if you were not invited, by taking advantage of large crowds or gatherings

The opportunities for creativity are endless, why not light it up at night, for extra impact.  Ideally suited to provided customer engagement or interaction in densely populated pedestrian areas or events, day or night.  Integrate your digital message by using digital display screens for additional visual engagement.

We continually work with clients to refine and improve the implementation of the mobile showroom marketing tool.  We track your campaign live or provide a log report, to refine your next campaign as you gauge your successful results, at specific locations or times.

Mobile Advertising


Full 3d Product placement on the move.

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